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We were married on September 17th, 2005 on the field of the Metrodome before a Twins-White Sox game in front of some friends and family, baseball fans and players. WCCO Radio sponsored this "Multiple Matrimony" event where 83 couples were married (or renewed their vows) before the game. It was an unusually early Twins game (start time of 11:10am) and the wedding was even earlier. We attended a pre-game reception in a tent outside the Dome with our parents and the other couples and Twins mascot TC Bear; that's also where Twins great Tony Oliva signed our marriage license.

The game was great with Johan Santana striking out 13 and closer Joe Nathan finishing the game by striking out the side in the 9th. I suppose it was extra sweet to beat the White Sox who went on to win the World Series that season. [Game details.]

After the game, we took a break to have a meal at our corner cafe before picking up our wedding cake(s) and heading over to the Sheraton Bloomington for a casual wedding reception in a poolside suite. We served peanuts and crackerjack (of course) plus a couple of sheet cakes (one of them was a raspberry souffle cake from Wuollet which was quite a hit, the other was a plain white sheet cake decorated to look like a baseball diamond). There was music in the evening played by some friends and we think/hope a good time was had by all. It all flew by terribly fast, but we had a lot of fun.

Thank You (posted on September 19th, 2005)

Thanks to our many friends and family who made the ballgame and the reception such a blast! We had a lot of fun and hope you did too. [As for those of you who had to miss it-- we did miss you, but understand. We honestly were so rushed with this that we didn't get everyone invited that we would've liked to and we also know a lot of people couldn't make it given the short noticed (for a wedding) and the date/time. We hope you can make our next party-- because there definitely are more parties in our future.]

Thanks to Laurel's parents for paying for the tickets to the game and for most of the supplies for the reception (and for running various errands); and to Kevin's parents for their contribution of funds to put toward that stuff as well. We're very glad our parents and brothers could be here for the wedding and for all their help and support at this event and over the years.

Thanks to our friend Karen Cooper for coming up with the card section idea and executing it so well! (You can see Gregg Parmentier's excellent photo of it here). Also for her help at the reception and for hosting a wedding shower for us too.

Thanks to our friend Carol Kennedy for her help with setting up things with the hotel and for hosting the Minn-StF Pool Party. We hope running the party was more fun than work.

Thanks to Jolene Hardy at the Sheraton Bloomington for all her help and for getting us a great deal and to the rest of the support staff at the hotel who made things so easy for us.

Thanks to our friend Peter Hentges for waiting outside the Dome to get people their tickets and for tending bar at the reception. And to Joe Agee, Mark Richards, John Stanley, and everyone else who helped set up the last bits of stuff at the reception.

Thanks to Johan Santana for pitching an amazing game (13 strikeouts!) and to Joe Nathan for three more strikeouts (with the bases loaded in the 9th, no less). Thanks to Justin Morneau and Michael Cuddyer for hitting homeruns, to Twins newcomer Jason Tyner for that thrilling triple (and two singles), to Matthew LeCroy for wearing a bow tie, and to the rest of the Minnesota Twins for their outstanding play in this game and for just generally being a fun team to follow.

Thanks to WCCO Radio for sponsoring this, to Tony Oliva for being our celebrity witness, to TC Bear for being so amusing (even if he did get "drunk" at our pre-game reception), and to Amy Mauzy of WCCO for her help.


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