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Do you have any photos online of our wedding or any of the related events? Or other cool pictures of us? Let us know where they're at and we'll link to them here.

We're also interested in getting copies of any photos you may have from the wedding and reception (even ones that aren't online) and are happy to pay costs for getting copies if need be. Please get in touch with us.

The Game

Details on the Game | Report re weddings

Photos from our wedding day:

Dave Romm's pictures from the 16th & 17th

Gregg Parmentier's pictures from the Dome

DDB's snapshots from the reception (and Minn-StF Pool Party)

Deanna's Trip Report (doesn't include photos, but it's still cool)

Deanna's post to Marinerds about the game (does include photos)

Wedding Photos (by various folks):
Wedding lakrahn's Wedding photoset

Photos from the day we got engaged:
Engagement lakrahn's Engagement photoset




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Minneapolis, Minnesota

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